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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
By Gonzales Photography
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Las Cruces Professional Photography Black Friday Promotion

Today we announce our best ever Black Friday Promotion that will continue through Cyber Monday

Gonzales Photography Las Cruces Premier Photography Studio is offering the best deal yet for Professional Photography by both a Certified Professional Photographer and a degree'd photographer.


For our Weddings we are offering: 

Collections starting at only $2599 that is over a $1000 discount for our starting collections

Engagement Sessions are only $99 for a one hour session on location

In Studio Engagement Sessions are only $99 for one hour

Combo Engagement Sessions (In Studio and On Location) one hour only $175

20% off all of our Print Collections (Post Engagement, Post Wedding)


For our awesome High School Seniors we are offering:

Studio Sessions $99 for one hour

On Location Sessions $99 for one hour

Combo Sessions (In Studio and On Location) only $175 for 2 hours

Composite Studio Session only $199 (minimum canvas order 16x24 plus artist fee)

Story Book Sessions only $250 for 3 hours (minimum order required "GraphiSenior Book")

20% off all print collections


Family Sessions

In Studio Family Session up to 6 family members $150 for one hour

On Location Family Session up to 6 family members $150 for one hour

Family Panoramic Composite Session 5 Sessions only $500  which can be scheduled throughout the year (minimum panoramic order on canvas)


Business/ Corporate Headshots

In Studio or On Location $99 includes 1 8x10, 2 websize images with licensing and usage for one year, 1 digital image for marketing purposes and licensing and usage for one year only $99


Photography Mentorship Program

One hour for only $99 normally $225 Month to Month

Annual Contract Only $125 normally $175 an hour (must be paid in full for annual)


Lens Calibration

$50 per lens or $80 for two lenses using the latest technology to improve your critical focus plane


Call us today to book your session 575-313-1382 or email us by clicking HERE


**This Promotion will end on Monday, November 27, 2017 at 11:59 PM**


Saturday, December 26, 2015
By Ryan
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Well today is the day after Christmas and alot has happened throughout the year for both me as an owner and me as a person. I have been thinking long and hard about how Gonzales Photography can become the business at the forefront of the Las Cruces and El Paso markets. I have consulted with photographers from all over the country to see what they are doing that makes them a staple in today's ever changing industry of photography.

Today I am announcing new collections in weddings, quinceanera/ sweet 16's, high school seniors, families and engagements. This year we are going to introduce a digital collection for each of the genres we photograph. Digital collections have been the most widely requested type of photography for photographers around the country. When we are talking about digital collections we are not referring to every single image from a session or event. These will be highly inspected images for everything from flattering the client all of the way to basic edits. The digital images will be placed on a custom flash drive with print release, sized to 8x12 jpegs and depending on the collection a certain number of images. This is what will keep Gonzales Photography from undervaluing the High End Brand we have become but also provide the client for what they ask for.

Our weddings will now start at 599 and will top out with our all inclusive Black Label Collection at only 5999.

Quinceanera/ Sweet 16's will start at 599 and will also top out with our all inclusive Black Label Collection at only 2699.

El Paso Wedding Photography


High School Seniors will still have the 125 session fee for one hour and collections will start at 299 topping out with our Black Label Collection of only 1999. 

Las Cruces High Senior Senior Photographer

Famliies will also still have the 300 session fee for up to 5 family members and collections starting at 399 topping out with our Elite Family at 3699.

Our Engagement sessions will still have the 175 session fee but those collections will start at only 199 which includes one single digital image for the newspaper or 11x14 print for the sign in table. Our all inclusive collections will start at 599 rounding out with our Black Label Collection at only 1299.

El Paso Engagement Photographer 

Digital images with print release will start at 50 per image sized 8x12 or full resolution up to a 40x60 for only 200 per image. These will be lightly edited images.

Creative Images will be release in digital format sized to 8x12 for only 300 per image ready to print.

New will be creative sessions for composites or montages starting at 500 for the session and our collections will be starting at 300 for a digital image sized 8x12 or printed on either Fine Linen Fuji Photographic Paper or Giclee Canvas Gallery Wraps (pricing subject to size of print or canvas).

El Paso Top Photographers


Welcome 2016 and a new Gonzales Photography Inc which will serve anyones budget and needs. 

Thank you for the support in 2015 and thank you for the continued support now in 2016. 

Pricing is available now!


Call us today to find out more 575-313-1382 or email us at or just fill out the contact us form. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015
By Ryan
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Wow time flies! We are now getting ready for senior sessions with 32 already booked for this year. Gonzales Photography usually photographs about 15-20 every year but this year we currently have 32 sessions booked and we are booking one or two each week. As you may have noticed we are still letting people sign up for our amazing giveaway which will award one or two seniors a free session with a $100 credit towards one of our three senior collections. This will not only save you money but will allow your senior to photograph with one of the top certified photographers in the state. Ryan is a full time certified professional photographer (CPP) which means that he has taken the time to actually learn the art of photography. He has been certified since March 2014 and continues to further his education by attending workshops, webinars and seminars around the country. Ryan is also an educator for photographers from all over the country where he either does one on one mentoring with a photographer here in the Las Cruces and El Paso areas or he does Skype sessions with photographers around the country. 

This year we are offering 50% off your session fee from now until September 15 after which we will offer 25% off your session fee from September 16 thru October 16 and then there is no discount for the rest of the year. So as you can see you will want to book your session from now until September 15 to save 50% off of our regular session fee's!

Why would you want to come to Gonzales Photography for your senior session? Well let me tell you! First you want someone who is always innovating and that is Gonzales Photography and by the way please download our app.






This will allow you even bigger discounts because only the people who have the app will be able to see when and what type of discounts we will be offering. So once you download the app sign up for our loyalty program. 


Las Cruces Senior Photographer




Second with over 8 years in business Gonzales Photography is recognized as one of the leading senior portrait practices in New Mexico and West Texas. Plus with knowledge and experience we have aquired over the years by attending several workshops and seminars we have become poplular amongst the seniors in our area. We guarantee you'll LOVE all your images, not just a few. 


Third you will never receive any additional charges for retouching unless it is removing a subject, braces, objects or adding elements that were not there to begin with. Every image you select for your order will be retouhced by master retouchers by our team at Evolve and printed on fine linen professional quality materials.


Ask anyone, Gonzales Photography is all about the details. Our attention to detail and knowledge of flattering posing and lighting will make you look like you're ready to be placed on the cover of a magazine. 


El Paso Senior Pictures


With one of the most experienced Certified Professional Photographer's in the region, you'll get help from a trusted advisor when you select your images and help you design and create your custom senior announcements. We are always learning new techniques and constantly changing our products to make your portraits unique. We know you're one of a kind and our experience is here to help you look your best to create imagery which will represent you, your style and your life. 



Senior Photographer New Mexico


Call us today 575-313-1382 to save on your 2016 Senior Pictures. Remember you only have to sit in with the contracted photographer for your YEARBOOK image! When you want something that is going to be memorable, represent your personality and be super creative, why not call Gonzales Photography inc. where we don't take a photograph, we make that photograph represent who you are! 

Monday, May 04, 2015
By Ryan
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Gonzales Photography Incorporated has been a leader in both Weddings and Portraits right here in Las Cruces, NM. We have served the El Paso, TX area as well as Silver City and Albuquerque, NM. Our services range from Weddings and Portraits which we specialize in as well as others like Engagements, Families and Events. I am very passionate about this industry and where it will take me into the future as hopefully a speaker on the main stage of Imaging USA or speaking at photographic guilds around the country. 

Photography is an art and is something that should be learned by either going to art school, college or simply by attending workshops held by either CPP's, Craftsman, Photographic Artists or Masters of Photography. It is with the help of professionals that have been nuturing this industry that you will find great success in this career. I have studied with many photographers throughout the years and have gained knowledge and an understanding of this industry. The friends I have made along the way vary from million dollar a year studios to just photographers who see this as an outlet to another part of the world and just do it for the love of doing it. 

Gonzales Photography Inc. has been fortunate to work with great photographers as well as it's clients that have helped to make this a thriving business in the great City of Las Cruces. I have traveled all over the country telling stories about the love that couples share and also capturing those milestones in peoples lives like Senior Pictures, Engagement Sessions and the occasional Family Portrait. This great and powerful way of capturing moments in time that cannot be replicated or replaced is what makes this a great career. Thank you Las Cruces, Tucson AZ, Phoenix AZ, Silver City, Denver CO, Charlotte NC, Hampton VA and the other places where our clients live for making Gonzales Photography the successful business it is today.

We have been featured in an International Magazine called Shutter Magazine in January with an awesome portrait of a past client who also competed in the Nuestra Belleza Latina Pageant and now in May with a very powerful Wedding Image photographed right here in Las Cruces and that Dona Ana Magistrate Court using lines to not only direct the viewer to the intended subject but to also create tension and give it that little nudge of impact. Thank you Shutter Magazine, my great friend and mentor Salvatorre Cincotta but also to my amazing family who supports Gonzales Photography Inc and me as either a father, son or brother.

I love you all!!!!

Las Cruces PortraitsLas Cruces Wedding Photographer

Sunday, April 05, 2015
By Ryan
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Gonzales Photography a Las Cruces Photography Business and a Corporation for our clients sense of security. 

Have you ever wondered as a consumer why businesses decide to either incorporate or stay as a sole proprieter. Well there are many reasons why business do this! Gonzales Photography was a sole proprieter for the first 5 years until we realized the importance of incorporating. As a sole proprieter we saw that many new photography businesses were popping up left and right but most importantly the general market was becoming very liery about hiring photographers. I remember several times answering the phone or emails where weddings, engagements or portrait photographers were just taking peoples money and running. It was a time where consumers were becoming very concious of these milestones and most importantly the vendors whom were going to be a part of these important times. 

Las Cruces Wedding Photography

In 2012 I the owner of Gonzales Photography reached out to several of my mentors to ask them how they were operating their businesses. Everyone of them told me that they were either an LLC or an S Corporation due to several reasons. One of the biggest ones that stuck out in my mind was the importance of bringing confidence to the market. The sole proprieters were now being looked at as fly by night time of businesses. These businesses were now becoming known as "here today gone tomorrow and gone with your hard earned cash!" After doing extensive research in the differences in LLC's, Partnerships, S Corporations and C Corporations, I made the decision to incorporate. 

El Paso Wedding Photography

A very good friend of mine, as well as my mentor Salvattore Cincotta wrote a book and I will be using his definitions from this point forward. The book which I would highly recommend to anyone in business today is called "The Photographers MBA" everything you need to know for your photography business. You can get it at Barnes and Noble, Borders or any of your favorite book stores!

Senior Pictures Las Cruces

Well let's get started shall we? First, a sole proprieter is the simplest business form under which you can operate a business. The sole proprietership isn't a legal entity. It simply refers to a person who owns the business and is personally responsible for it's debts. The sole proprietership is a popular business form due to its simplicity, ease of setup and nominal cost. A sole proprieter needs only to register his or her name and secure a local license and he or she is ready for business. For this reason the general market has become very cautious about hiring a business that is under sole proprietership because they don't know if they will be here tomorrow much less into the future. 

Second, a Partnership is defined as general and limited partnerships. In a general partnership, the partners manage the company and assume responsibility for the partnerships debts and other obligations. Partnerships are much like sole proprieterships and for this reason I will refer to them also as a fly by night type of business that might or might not be here tomorrow. 

Now we will start getting into the more credible type of businesses like LLC, S Corp and C Corp's. First a Limited Liability Company is a legal entity with many benefits for the owners but also the general market. These are the beginning of businesses that due to the expense and legal involvement are the businesses that will be here tomorrow and usually into the future. LLC's bring together some of the best features of partnerships and corporations. LLC's were created to provide owners with the liability protection that corporations enjoy without the double taxation. The reason that Gonzales Photography did not select this entity was because once a member of this entity either decides to leave or their untimely death occurs the buisness also ends. I wanted Gonzales Photography to live on forever as long as there was someone to operate it. 

An S Corporation and the route Gonzales Photography chose to go in not only separates from the competition but also brings a more credible and sense of confidence to our market. An S Corporation or from herein S Corp, was not only a huge expense for both a CPA but also for an attorney to be involed, it was also a way to secure our business in this ever growning market area. This day and age everyone is a photographer but only the ones who value this art and have educated themselves to not only separate from the fauxtographers but also to show value to the consumers looking for someone to be with them from their childs first photo session but all of the way thru to their childs marraige. This entity can contain investors or shareholders because it can issue certificates to it's shareholders. If the owner dies or sells his or her interest, the corporation continues to exist and do business unless it is formally dissolved. 

Las Cruces Photography

When you hire Gonzales Photography for your childs first pictures, senior pictures, engagment pictures or their wedding converage you will not only have the sense of comfort that Gonzales Photography will be there but Gonzales Photography will be there for every milestone you want to hire us for. We also don't treat our client's like clients but as we continue to build a relationship we consider our clients FRIENDS. Thank you for reading why we chose to become incorporated but thank you for your continued support as we continue to grow!

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