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Friday, October 13, 2017
By Gonzales Photography
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You’ve made a big investment in photography to help capture your big day.


You want to make sure you absolutely look your best. Although, I’m sure you do a very nice job on your everyday makeup, I strongly recommend looking into hiring a makeup artist.


Here’s why:


Even though you’re great at doing your own makeup, a MUA can do it so much better. I mean, after all, that is their job. We especially recommend hiring a good MUA if you don’t normally do your own makeup. They know what will look good on you and can make it look natural and flawless.


Makeup artists use high-grade makeup – nothing runs, shines, or smudges, ensuring that you don’t have any makeup malfunctions during your big day. They also know what works well with the flash, the lighting at different times of the day, etc.


On your wedding day, you’re going to be moving around all day and you want your makeup to last. You’ll need to be wearing about 30% more makeup than normal. It may seem like a lot in real life, because you’re not used to it, but it won’t look like a lot on camera. Makeup artists know exactly how much to put on.


A MUA knows how to accentuate your features to make sure you look your best for portraits and close ups. They know that cameras alter lighting and colors and how to avoid common makeup issues with photography. Some everyday makeups can make you look oily or shiny on camera – MUAs make sure the makeup they use will photograph perfectly. Also, on your wedding day, you’ll be wearing a lot of white. You don’t want to look washed out in your photos and a MUA knows how to make sure that doesn’t happen.


And lastly, they know your schedule and can help keep you on track by making sure to have you ready in time.


Check out the website for more wedding images HERE!

Saturday, August 06, 2016
By Gonzales Photography Inc.
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What to look for before you book a Professional Photographer!

Let's face it, this day and age everyone is a photographer so how will you know if you are actually hiring a true professional photographer?

In this blog post Albuquerque Wedding Photographer Ryan Gonzales, CPP is going to tell you what to look for and what to look out for.

My name is Ryan Gonzales and I am a certified professional photographer (CPP) based out of Albuquerque, NM. I began photographing weddings, quinceanera's and sweet 16's in 2007, this is when I began my journey into this art form. When I first started I had a solid foundation of what the actual and true art of photography was all about. I attended workshops from around the country as well as viewed many videos of professional photographers that taught techniques such as, lighting, posing, selling and marketing the business of photography to their clients. When you first begin future clients know very little to about you much less the quality of your photography!

So as a client once told me, why should I hire you when there are other photographers that will do it cheaper?

I told her this exact statement "You should hire me based on the fact that I run a legitimate business with a business license and a federal tax ID." Most of the photographers she was looking at did not have a registered business. I also asked her to tell me why they would want to hire a professional photographer over a family friend or a family member with a camera. She stated "I want to hire someone that knows what they are doing and will provide me with a good overall experience because I am only getting married once and I don't need to be worrying if they got specific key pictures!" I then began to explain to her that by hiring a certified professional photographer she was going to get everything that she is wanting and more. She then asked what should I look for because I do want to shop around a little before hiring someone and giving them our hard earned money? And this is where this blog post is going to benefit not only my perspective clients but everyone in this industry photographing weddings and very special events.


1.) Google them and see if they have any reviews on Google, their website or other websites they might be on like

2.) Look at their online portfolio to see if their style fits what you are looking for in your pictures.

3.) Look at their FAQ's section to see if they are answering any questions that you might have. Someone with an FAQ section probably has a lot of experience with questions that have been asked throughout their career. 

4.) If they fit what your looking for initially, schedule a consultation so that you can actually talk to the photographer and look at albums that will give you a good idea of whether they are consistent throughout the day or if they just got lucky with a few images they put on their website.

5.) Ask the photographer your interested in to see any and all albums they have on hand.

6.) Ask them if they have any certificates or how they were educated in photography. What kind of education do they have in photography. Did they attend a college, art school, learned by reading, attended workshops from well known photographers who educate others.

7.) What types of collections do they have or if they offer a digital delivery and how are they delivering digital images. 

8.) How much experience do they have photographing weddings.

9.) Do they have liability insurance just in case something happens.

10.) Do they have a retainer/ deposit and how much is it. 

11.) What happens in the case that the photographer gets sick or cannot photograph the wedding.

12.) Do they have a contract, if not please respectfully get up and RUN....

If this all sounds good to you I wish you luck in finding the right photographer for you. Remember this is a day that has no redo's, they either get it or they don't! Trust only a Certified Professional Photographer to capture those memories of your BIG DAY. 

The dress will be boxed up, the tuxedo's will be returned, the cake will get eaten, the bouquet will be tossed, your guests will go home and you will only have your album or pictures to look back on such a wonderful and emotional day. 

Please consider Gonzales Photography Inc. for your Professional Photography....

Thursday, March 24, 2016
By Ryan
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Special occasions are extraordinary; a time when the right photographer can capture heartfelt emotions that may only be visible for just a brief moment. My passion in life is having the opportunity to work with individuals and families to capture their moment and provide them with a gift that will bring back the feelings of the day any time they view their photos. My love affair with photography began back in 2003 when my soon-to-be wife and her beautiful daughter Alexis came into my life. Little did I know at that time that Alexis would be my first child and become such a vital part of my life.

My Family is My Inspiration

My entire family is incredibly important to me. My wife Angela and I had two additional children together, and Ryan Jr. (RJ) and Joshua continue to be my inspiration and the reason that I strive to be the best photographer that I can be every day. They make me want to continue to serve families who want to preserve their beautiful memories during special occasions in their life.

I have learned a great deal about photography in the nine years since I began Gonzales Photography. Today, I shoot anywhere from 12-15 weddings per year, and am a member of the Professional Photographers of America Association. I have also completed the program to become a Certified Professional Photographer - meaning I am part of an elite 8% of the nation’s photographers who have completed the rigorous training and written examination required to claim this certification.

The Importance of Giving Back

One of the ways that I give back to my community is through mentoring other photography professionals, and I serve as the Certification Liaison for the New Mexico and El Paso, Texas regions for other photographers. My mentoring programs have helped up-and-coming photographers from this region and around the country bring out the art and design that could otherwise be missing from their work. The art of photography includes very specific technical details such as focal length, crop factors, posing, lighting, composition and depth of field. Without a thorough and innate understanding of these different topics, it would be difficult if not impossible for photographers to consider themselves a professional.

Trust a True Professional

While there are many different reasons that you should hire me, possibly the most important is the pride and honor that I take in my work. You are trusting me to capture moments that can never be replaced, and that is not a trust that I take lightly. While I don’t make claims to be the best photographer, I do focus constantly on being better today than I was last week.

Some of the words that have been used to describe my work are stylish, artistic and memorable. I like to emphasize the storytelling aspect of the day, and use empathy to capture striking and powerful images that will leave you with an emotional impact. My goal is that every wedding, every graduation, every quinceanera – I never walk away without creating several “Wow shots” that will make you laugh, cry or catch your breath.

Capture the Joy in Every Moment

Photography is particularly important for weddings, as in the excitement of the day things can become a blur. Meaningful photography provides you with a way to experience the magic of the day over and over again – and to see your friends and family (and yourself!) from a completely new perspective. Long after your flowers have died, the cake has been eaten and the last dance has ended – your wedding photography remains and provides you with the warmth and emotion that suffused your most special day. We have the creativity and technique in posing, lighting and shooting that are required to capture your personality and style in a way that you will remember forever.

As lead photographer, I will work with you to craft a wedding photography package that will capture the day you have always dreamed about with a care and creativity that may not be found in other wedding photography studios. We offer wedding photography at its best – a minimum of two photographers and possibly an assistant, depending on the needs of the wedding – will be at your disposal for the agreed-upon time. As one of the top wedding photography studios in the country, we will work with you to design a unique experience that ensures we capture all the details of your exceptional time as a bride and as you become part of a new family. Our coverage crosses state borders, and we work with brides from Las Cruces, El Paso, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Tucson, Phoenix and destination weddings worldwide.   

We Find the Art in the Everyday

We focus on not only taking photos, but on creating art with each project that we take on. When you are looking for wedding and special occasion photography that goes far beyond the simple snapshot and into the realm of art house pieces, then Gonzales Photography is your top choice for the Las Cruces area. Even though our photography is stylish, memorable, award winning and artistic, that does not mean that it is outrageously priced. Our packages start at a very reasonable price point, and we offer packages that are sure to fit every wedding budget.

Along with being one of the country’s premier wedding photographers, Gonzales Photography also specializes in family photography – graduation, Sweet 16 and quinceanera photography. No matter your photography need in the Las Cruces area, give us a call or check your dates online to book today! Our convenient location on the northwest side of Las Cruces near Interstate 10 means you can easily join us for a digital viewing of your proofs.

Call or Email us today to get the ultimate out-of-the-box experience and the unique photography that has won awards and has been featured in multiple magazines.


Saturday, May 23, 2015
By Ryan
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My name is Ryan Gonzales and I am a fully Certified Professional Photographer with 9 years experience and a total of 12 from the very beginning of my journey. I have mentored over 60 photographers from all over the country as well as the local areas.

This blog post is intended for other photographers and creatives to make sure they find the right mentor for them.

I want to make sure that if you hire a mentor you are going to get the most bang for your buck! If you are wanting to attend a workshop I want to make sure you will be satisified with the knowledge you will acquire at that workshop. I am going to point out key areas and questions to ask before you spend your hard earned money hiring someone to teach you photography, buiness or theory. 

Ryan Gonzales CPP

First: When you meet with the person you are interested in mentoring you, make sure you have seen their website or at the very least a portfolio. 

Second: Make sure that they have either attended a school, workshop, seminar a CPP or possess a degree as either a Photographic Craftsman, Master Artist or Master of Photography. A certified professional photographer (CPP) will also be a good choice do to the complexity of the CPP Program in which photographers have to understand very techinical aspects of photography. 

Third: If you're looking to be an all around knowledgable photographer make sure they offer some type of documentation for their degree, CPP or reputable workshops they have attended and acquired their skillset. 

Fourth: I personally think this is the most important. Make sure they have either a workshop agreement. mentorship agreement or a contract that will protect both you and the instructor/studio/photography practice.

Certified Professional Photographer


Before hiring your mentor ask these questions:

1) How many years of experience as a professional do you have?

2) Have you attended college, workshops or seminars to acquire this knowledge?

3) Are you a Photographic Craftsman, Master Artist, Master of Photography or a Certified Professional Photographer?

4) Do you have documentation to prove that you have enough knowledge to teach photography?

5) Where will we be meeting for instruction?

6) Do you have a workshop agreement, mentorship agreement or a contract which states how long or what you will be teaching?

7) Will I have to bring my own equipment or will I be using yours?

8) Will you provide models or do I have to bring them?

9) How will I pay you, by credit card, check or cash?

10) Will you have a specific lesson plan or do you teach by the seat of your pants?

Mentorship in Photography


I hope that these questions and the above help you to determine if a mentor is worth your money or not. Remember that now a days everyone is a photographer, even if they have no knowledge or years of experience to back up what they claim to know. 

My point is this; anyone can claim to know photography but it is up to the consumer to distinguish if they really and truly know photography or are they just wanting to take your money? I am very passionate about raising the bar as both a CPP and the designated Liaison for CPP in the State of New Mexico by the Professional Photographers of America. 


Let's get photography back to the respected art it once was and provide our clients with quality imagery that shows the difference from the people who literally picked up a camera and claim to be professional photographers. 

Education in Las Cruces

Click on this link to see what I can offer as a Mentor to help you to improve your business as a professional photographer or if your just starting out we can start with the basics. 

Friday, May 15, 2015
By Ryan
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Let's get your high school senior booked and photographed for 2016 and then pay for the session later using our no hassle financing thru paypal credit. 


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